giovedì 25 settembre 2014

Mamiya Sekor 45mm

I find 3 versions of the 45mm lens:

1. Mamiya-Secor C f2.8 45mm S
2. Mamiya-Secor C f2.8 45mm
3. Mamiya-Secor C 45mm f2.8 N

Is the N a newer lens, S the older lens and the other lens in between?

What size filter ring does each lens have?

- "N" is the last version, the "S" is the same optical design as the "N", but from the looks it is more like the "C" version, which is the oldest.

- correct. "C," "S," & "N" refer to age and lens coatings. The "C" versions are the originals. "S" versions had the same metal (heavy) housing as the "C" versions, but the updated lens coatings you'll find on newest "N" versions.

-I know the "C" version takes 77mm filters. I believe the "S" and "N" versions are 67mm

- I can confirm the "N" version has a 67mm filter thread. I use this lens a lot for landscapes