giovedì 11 marzo 2021

Tempi di sviluppo della Bergger Panchro 400 e Rollei in Adox Silvermax

Dear User,
our colleagues from FOTOIMPEX have asked us to answer your question:

1. Bergger Panchro 400: Dilution 1+19, 10 Minutes.
2. Rollei  Infrared 400: Dilution 1+24, 11 Minutes.

(These times are starting points. If the contrast is a bit too high for your individual purposes, then shorten the development time a bit. If the contrast is too low, develop a bit longer.)

Important notice for the Rollei Infrared: This film is rebranded Agfa Aviphot 200 aerial film (the same is valid for Rollei Superpan 200 and Rollei Retro 400S). Aerial films have a very different ISO / speed rating than standard pictorial films for "on the ground" photography.

In aearil photography the ISO / speed rating is two stops higher. If you use that rating on the ground you will get not enough shadow detail. Therefore it is recommend - if you want sufficient shadow detail and a better tonality - to use an Exposure Index of 50/18° with Agfa Aviphot Pan 200 for normal pictorial photography. The dilution and development time given above is for that Exposure Index.

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