mercoledì 29 agosto 2018

Agfaphoto APX 100 developed in Kodak HC-110 two-bath

Ruediger Hartung - Agfaphoto APX 100 dev. in Kodak HC-110 two-bath

Two bath Kodak HC-110 compensating development
(Bruce Barnbaum- modified)

Diluted Kodak HC-110 developer, e.g. 1+119 of syrup, is strongly compensating (covers the highlights). Also shadows and lower midtones show good texture but the shadows have too little contrast.

Eduardo Almeida has already shown examples of how this can be improved using Bruce Barnbaum's method.

First a pre-development in a stronger HC-110 developer (1+43) is carried out and the remainder is developed in diluted developer (1+183). Please use at least 500 ml of the diluted developer per film!

->Dilutions based on syrup, not stock solution<- p="">
But I have changed the INVERSION rhythms a bit, following Ansel Adams.

The method works with any film according to the following procedure:

First, the development times from e.g. the app "Film Development" are obtained for the complete development of the respective dilution for the 3 (!!!) minute inversion rhythm.

If, for example, dilution 1+43 is not available but only the 1+47 time, then this time is divided by 47 and multiplied by 43. The same for 1+183, here the 1+151 time is divided by 151 and multiplied by 183.

So, now we have the respective development times (if necessary with temperature correction) with 3-minute inversion rhythm for the complete developments.

But now we only want to develop the shadows and lower mistones more pronounced (1+43) with 1/3 of the development time and the remaining 2/3 with 1+183 to cover the lights.

Therefore we only take 1/3 of the 1+43 time set above for the 1st bath and 2/3 of the 1+183 time for the 2nd bath.

Both times added give the total time.

Let's go.....

Bath A (1+43):

Bad A time, of which

half of the time is continuous inversions at the beginning, the other half stand development (important)!

Then immediately replace bath A by bath B. The clock remains running!

Bath B until the end of the total time.

Initial inversions for 30 seconds (so the remaining bath A developer is replaced), then every 3rd minute (important - not shorter!) inversions for 15 seconds.

Stop and fix.

In this case Agfaphoto APX 100 (= Kentmere 100)