venerdì 14 ottobre 2011

Info pellicole Kodak T-Max in rivelatore Kodak T-Max 1:9

Le seguenti informazioni sono estratte dall'articolo "A few ideas on using Kodak T-Max Films Successfully" di John Sexton.

T-MAX films require no real difference in exposure technique for most applications. One important difference is that the T-MAX films (T-MAX 100 in particular) have greatly improved reciprocity characteristics compared with most other films. Kodak Publication F-32 gives some useful, and accurate, starting points for reciprocity compensation.

This means the films maintain their speed much more effectively with long exposures.

I prefer the following procedures for normal contrast.

T-Max 100   EI-80    T-MAX 1:9    11 min        @ 75F 
T-Max 400 EI-320 T-MAX 1:9 10-1/2 min @ 75F
The times below should be good trial data for roll film agitated for 5 seconds every 30 seconds.
I use ALL developers one-shot.
This data is for a typical diffusion enlarger.
For negatives to be printed by condenser enlarger reduce the above times by approximately 20%.

In pratica questi sono i tempi da usare in gradi centigradi e per ingranditori a condensatore:
T-Max 100   EI-80    T-MAX 1:9   9 min     @ 24C
T-Max 400 EI-320 T-MAX 1:9 8,5 min @ 24c